What does a small pool fence cost to buy?

    It may not feel like it at the moment, but summer is just around the corner. Soon, drivers of open-topped cars will feel the warm sun against their skin, the housing market will pick up and you can stow away your clumsy winter rain gear and kids’ snow suits.   If you own […]

Removable Fencing For Dogs

Fence For Dogs   Like millions of other Americans you love your dog and, like millions of other Americans, sometimes Poochie doesn’t always behave perfectly. Often that’s no big problem but when it comes to the safety of your pet matters are a lot more serious, and you want to know that our pets are […]

How To Clean Pool Fencing

Clean Your Pool Fence   After the installation of a pool, it is important to have a fence installed around it. This is to prevent children from falling into the water and drown. Of course, with the chemicals from the pool regularly making contact with the fence it is important to follow specific steps in […]

A Day In The Life of a Pool Trooper

Grime-Fighting, Grueling Work   Another hot day. You leave for work in the morning looking wistfully towards your pool, hoping for a rewarding dip in it after work. It’s discouraging to see floating leaves and murky water instead. You arrive home in the early evening, and voila! All the grime has been zapped, leaving your pool […]

Winter Pool Protection Tips

Protecting your pool throughout the winter is very important in maintaining it for as long as possible. In-ground and above-ground pools have different needs when it comes to surviving the winter. The brutal winter weather can do damage to a pool unless you keep the following protection tips in mind.     In-ground Pools If […]

How to Protect Your Pool from Unwanted Pests This Winter

Unwelcome guests who drop by to share you pool may be annoying, but when those guests are birds and wildlife, it’s a little more difficult to send them on their way. While they are most common in summer when the weather is warm and the pool is inviting, some find their way to your pool […]

Moving Into a House with a Pool

A move is a huge life event, and one that can certainly go a variety of directions. If you’re considering moving into a home with a pool, there are a variety of factors you absolutely must consider before pulling the trigger. Once you’ve decided on the best movers in your area, turn your attention to […]

5 Tips to Create a Great Poolside Area

  The swimming pool area is meant to be one of those fun but relaxing areas and can be the perfect space for get together and chilling out. Creating a relaxed outdoor living space around the pool not only makes the most of the area, but also provides you with a more enjoyable and fun […]

The Top Five Cities Where You Might Want to Have a Pool Party This Thanksgiving

  A traditional Thanksgiving dinner means something different for everyone. For some, it’s enjoying a big turkey dinner and cozying up by the fire afterwards. For others, it’s preparing for a day in the Black Friday battlefield. For those who know how to do Thanksgiving right, it’s a day for family and friends to get […]

How To Find The Right Swimming Suit

  With the holidays just around the corner and many online shops stocking up on discount summer essentials, it’s time to draw your attention to one vital fashion accessory that everyone needs – a new swimming suit. But with so much choice, how do you decide which to buy this holidays for a great look? […]

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