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  • Testimonials

    • Gary Stutzman

      The fence was installed last summer and it has servered it purpose without compromising our use of the pool.

    • Jaimee Howard

      Perfect for our backyard! The guardian fence is completely child proof and looks just as good as the day we bought it.

    • Irene Rodriguez

      My guardian is functional, safe and I purchased it because I have small dogs; my neighbors have small children and safety was my first concern. I wanted to reduce my liability and respect my city's codes and for the safety of my neighbors. I am extremely pleased. I can go on vacation and feel completely secure.

    • Chris

      It is unobtrusive; One of the things my wife and I worried about getting a fence was that it would take away from the appearance of the backyard, but it does not do so at all. We very much still enjoy the view of our yard from the living room.

    • Janet Hecht

      I love the self latching gate and that the fence comes in different colors

    • Gary Evans

      The fence is attractive and when I need to take sections out for whatever reason they come out and go back in easily.

    • John Hainey

      This fence is GREAT!! The installation was fantastic. It was fitted to the area I wanted perfectly. My grandson is very safe now, thanks to you!!!!

    • Raymond Fox Captain (retired) NV Fire Dept.

      In my opinon, your safety fence and the locking mechanism is the most superior system I have ever seen for a home pool. I have family back yard barbeques during summer and we can be assured our kids won't get into the pool unless we open the gate to the pool. I would recommend your security fence to anyone with a pool.

    • Matt Garbell

      From start to finish it was an easy, satisfying experience. The sales people were very informative and helpful, and the person who actually installed the fence was very professional and courteous.

    • Joan Von Renner

      We can usually keep the fence down unless we have little children over. When we put it up, we and the parents can have confidence that the little ones are safe.

    • Jose Abreu

      Your company have a excellent customer service.

    • Deanna Mallick

      I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of the pool fence and getting it done so quickly. My father in law was very impressed with the entire process and says the final product looks great. He also said he met your son and he was a fine gentleman. I saw pictures of the fence and think it looks great. I look forward to seeing it in person next month.

    • Trueman Thompson

      This is the best investment we have ever made. It provides us with great peace of mind, it is really well made, and is easy to remove and replace. Thanks for a great product.

  • Pool Fence

    Pool Fence

Fence For Dogs


Like millions of other Americans you love your dog and, like millions of other Americans, sometimes Poochie doesn’t always behave perfectly. Often that’s no big problem but when it comes to the safety of your pet matters are a lot more serious, and you want to know that our pets are safe and secure while they run around the backyard, especially if you’ve got a pool.

The big problem is that dogs, especially, have strong claws and lots of determination and energy. If your furry friend wants to dig through something they can often find a way through. That’s where we come in. We at Guardian have been in business for years making pool fences, but we have found that existing pet fences often don’t do the job. They can last for a while but a determined critter will sooner or later wear through the fencing and get into somewhere they shouldn’t be, or out of somewhere they should! So we set out to find a solution to this problem and we are very pleased to have done just that.

You will find that our pet fence system is a very tough and durable way to corral family members of the canine persuasion. The fence is made up of a very fine mesh of very durable material. It is so fine, in fact, that dogs can’t find a place to hook their claws into it and so they cannot do damage to the fencing. They can try, but they will just wear themselves out and give up. Take a look at the fence’s features.


Removable Dog Fence


  • Five years in development
  • Constructed from black polyester
  • Fine “pet mesh” that does not allow claws to gain purchase
  • The mesh remains see-through
  • Strong, durable fence poles and latches so even the biggest dogs can’t push the fence over or wear or it down
  • A variety of fence heights to suit the size of your pets
  • Removable like our standard pool fences, so you can customize and adjust as needed


As you can see the Guardian pet fence has a lot going for it! Whether you need to block off an exit, keep your canine friends out of the pool area, or create a designated play area for them, our system will make sure you can rest easy knowing that Rover won’t be able to get into trouble.



Unwelcome guests who drop by to share you pool may be annoying, but when those guests are birds and wildlife, it’s a little more difficult to send them on their way. While they are most common in summer when the weather is warm and the pool is inviting, some find their way to your pool even during the winter months. Keeping them away keeps your pool clean and safe for the family.  

Fences Keep Out Small Mammals and Rodents Fencing around the pool keeps animals from entering or taking up residence, but it must be flush with the ground to prevent small rodents from crawling under the fence. Consider a mesh isolation fence that surrounds the perimeter of the pool, as these fences do not provide toe or hand holes for either animals or children. Consider the type of intruder most likely to enter you pool and install a fence to keep it and children out of the pool. Other options include using cement blocks, wood or other construction material to create a barricade to wayward guests.




Escape Hatches to the Rescue Providing unwelcome guest with the means to escape prevents unnecessary deaths in your pool and shows a little compassion for their misguided attempts to enjoy a swim. You can buy plastic ramps to place in the pool that allow animals to crawl out, place flotation devices near the edge of the pool or tie knotted ropes from the side of the pool so the knot rests at the water level giving animals the means to exit the pool with ease. Pools with resting ledges do not typically require devices for animals to escape as they can typically crawl out on their own.   Deterrents Keep Animals and Birds Away Waterfowl and other birds often approach pools to explore for food or to swim, leaving behind messy droppings. There are several devices available to deter birds from approaching your pool. Alarms, distress calls and sprinklers set to a motion detector help to shoo away birds if they get too close to your pool. These harmless devices keep your pool area pest free without posing a threat the health and safety of curious creatures who stop by for a swim.  


The Gator Guard from Bird-X can also be used to frighten away birds and other intruders. The realistic floating alligator head is specially designed with eyes that reflect the sunlight and can be seen day or night. It moves slowly, bobbing in the wind to give the illusion of a real alligator.  


Covered Pools Offer Hiding Spots for Animals Just because your pool is covered during the winter, doesn’t mean it’s free from pests. Small crevices offer room for small rodents to enter the pool. While they won’t drown in an empty pool, they may get trapped and unable to escape or chew their way through the covering to get out. Check that your pool cover fits properly and covers the entire area when you winterize your pool in the fall.   Clearing Clutter and Debris Sometimes rodents and other animals take up residence in areas around the pool. Keeping the area free of vegetation or debris prevents them from hiding near the pool. This holds true with pool furniture of other devices you may store near the pool during the winter. Keeping the area clean and free of clutter discourages wildlife from seeking shelter near your pool.  


Monitoring the Area The best way to keep unwanted pests out of you pool is to prevent them from setting up residence in the first place. Monitoring the area for signs of intruders, such as tracks, droppings or nests, allows you to take action before the problem gets out of control. Look for sources of food, such as forgotten snacks or fallen fruits and nuts from trees, and remove them to avoid animals looking for a free meal during the winter. Keeping your pool clean and safe, while keeping intruders away, provides you and your family with hours of refreshing fun in the sun.  




  About the author: Nannette Richford is a freelance writer from rural Maine where she lives with her family. When not writing about gardening, she can be found working in her garden where she has grown flowers, herbs and vegetables for over 25 years. Richford has extensive writing experience in gardening and landscape and has been published in influential online industry publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle(SF Gate), Garden Guides and Yahoo! Shine. She also publishes her own website Maine Garden Ideas. Connect with Nannette on Google+ and Twitter.    



On those hot summer days, the backyard pool is the center of recreation and family fun. Parents and pet owners are watchful that everyone is careful and safe around the pool. However, vigilance doesn’t end when everyone leaves. In fact that is when it is most important. Each year more than 5,000 family pets drown in the family pool.


Fencing Ideas For Dogs


But Dogs Can Swim.

Some dogs are good swimmers; others less so. Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer accidents happen. By definition an accident is something that is unexpected. Before you decide to rely on your pet’s swimming ability, consider the following:

  • Healthy animals can swim short distances. However dogs have poor depth perception. Your pet will head for the closest edge, which may not be the most shallow part of the pool. Your dog may try to claw his way out of the pool in deep water and be overcome with exhaustion.
  • Some pets are excellent swimmers. Dogs will instinctively paddle when submerged in water. Inexperienced dogs will “dog paddle” using only their front legs resulting in an almost vertical swim. This results in unproductive splashing that quickly causes exhaustion.
  • My pet is active and in good shape. A pet’s physical structure and body-type will impact her swimming ability. Heavily muscled breeds use more energy while swimming due to increased body mass. A pet who is older, sedentary, or ill may no longer have the stamina to swim for an extended period of time.


Layers of Protection

Think of successive lines of defense. Start with a sturdy pet fence as a physical barrier.  Add a motion detector in your pool area and an in-water alarm. How many layers you need depends upon your pool area and your pet.

The first line of defense is a good quality pet fence. There are many products on the market. Make sure that the pet fence you select is appropriate for your dog. If you have a digger, you need one that is installed in such a way that your dog cannot dig under. If you have a climber, a mesh fence which is not affected by scratching and clawing may be the solution for you. If you have a large powerful dog, check with experts in pet fencing to see what your options may be.


The best pet fence for you is the one that will successfully keep your pet safe. 



Your Dogs Deserve protection with Proper Fencing 


There are some people who may not feel like fencing is necessary in their situation. Maybe their dog is well trained and they don’t believe there is any threat of them leaving the yard. However, for even the best of trained dogs, there are plenty of reasons why fencing can come in handy for protecting your dog from possibly dangerous situations.


  • Even though your dog may be trained not to leave the yard, there may be a time where an exception occurs. Your dog may feel the need to help or protect outside of your yard. This will result in your dog leaving the safety of your yard and putting itself in danger. Remember even the best trained dogs are not exempt from leaving an unfenced yard.
  • Unfenced yards not only pose a threat for dogs leaving the yard but for dogs within the yard as well. If your dog is an expensive breed or even if it is not, a fence is going to protect it from predators coming into the yard with intention to kidnap your dog. While this is not a pleasant thought to think about there are people who would stoop low enough to do something like this.
  • With a fence around your yard, you will not have to deal with strangers stopping by and petting your dog or young children bothering it. Young children passing by might claim that the dog has nipped or bit them when in all reality your dog was just being playful. Fences can protect from these types of sticky situations.


Fencing Ideas For Dogs 


If you feel like it is time to put up a fence to protect your beloved canines, there are many different options out there for you. If you’re not sure where to even start, here are a few ideas:


  • For many people, their first excuse for an unfenced yard will be that they cannot afford fencing. This excuse is a worthy one because fencing can be pricey. But here’s a way you can have a temporary protection for your dog without having to break the bank ( a win-win situation): A farm fence or snow fence may be the perfect solution for anyone in this situation. Although it’s not pretty, it serves the purpose.
  • A mesh dog fence is one of the most common as it is in the middle bracket when it comes to price. One benefit to a mesh fence is that they are non obtrusive and will last for a very long time.
  • Privacy fencing is a plus for you and your dog as well. Anyone enjoys a nice high privacy fence in a busy neighborhood and your dog will enjoy the shade it provides. This will also keep untrusted passer-bys from seeing your dog in the yard.
  • Hidden fencing is a good option for many people that deal with zoning laws in their specific neighborhood. This type of fence goes under the ground and is not visible by anyone. The dog then wears a receptacle collar which alerts them when they have crossed over the line. This is a very effective system for training dogs to stay in the yard.


If you are ready to start protecting your dogs, start looking into what fencing is best for you. Don’t wait; start today.




Pet Pool Safety

Owning a pool has the advantage of being a relief from heat in the summer and the disadvantage of hosting a potential tragedy for your children or pets. Simply relying on your supervision powers is far more risky than it seems.

First of all you can’t watch them all the time. After all, it only takes a few minutes for your dog to slip in the pool and drown. It’s so easy to become distracted and you can never have the peace of mind that they’re safe. The stress will drive you crazy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your dog in the pool, but you need to consider several things. The first issue is heat, and depending on what type of pavement you have around your pool, it can get really hot, really fast. In fact, if you get brick or cement it is probably going to be hot enough to burn your feet.

Keep Dogs Safe Around Pool

The problem is that dogs can’t keep as cool as people and sooner or later your dog will overheat. Don’t keep him around too long especially if he has a big coat, such as a Husky.

Another issue is the composition of the water in the pool. Chlorine will make your dog sick if he drinks from the pool. And it can also irritate his eyes. Make sure to give him a quick fresh water bath when the two of you are finished playing because his skin can get irritated. If you see your dog scratching furiously take him to the veterinarian.

Lastly many people think that dogs can naturally swim. Even if they are excellent swimmers they can panic and it’s very hard for them to climb the slippery sides of the pool. Also, senior dogs are more likely to slip and fall into the pool.


Extra safety measures

So what can you do to prevent your dog from flying in the pool when you’re away. Well, first of all your dog shouldn’t be out of his crate when you’re away, but anyway, here’s what you can do:

You can install a see-through barrier. This is the best way to prevent tragedy. Once it’s installed keep it closed all the time, even if you’re only gone for one minute. In fact, you probably shouldn’t need to worry about the door since it should close and lock itself. Once again, keep the doors securely closed. Don’t leave any small gaps because many dogs can open doors with their nose.

Another thing you can do is get a floating pool alarm. This device is left floating in the pool and will go off if the surface of the pool is being disturbed. Try not to get an oversensitive one that goes off whenever a leaf touches it. It should have a gauge that lets you set how big a disturbance needs to be for the alarm to go off.


See how to create a doggie paddling pool at home




Our guest writer is Daniel. Daniel is an ardent dog lover and loves to blog on Some of the topics he likes to talk about are choosing a respectable breeder and what are the best apartment dogs.


Retractable Fence For Dogs?


Safety Around the Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are fun, but they present a significant risk to children and pets. As watchful as you are over your dogs and children, they move quickly and can be in the water before you can catch and stop them. For small children who have not learned to swim, they can inhale water, sink and drown before you can get to them. If you are inside the house, you may not know your pets or children have managed to get to the pool area until it is too late.  While a retractable fence can be convenient, it is not the safest choice. Instead, protect your children and pets by having a removable pool fence installed, making it more difficult for them to get into the pool area.

Look for a Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate

Medical personnel mention a self-closing gate as one of the first lines of defense against preventable drownings. The self-closing gate returns to a closed position by itself, which makes it difficult for determined children or pets to get into the pool area without an adult opening the gate for them. While a removable pool fence is not an option, other fence designs offer a high degree of safety for your children and pets.

Children and pets in your home are attracted to the fun your pool represents. They won’t always wait until you are ready to supervise them as they play in the water, which makes a safe gate imperative. A self-latching gate with a magnetic latch that your children cannot operate increases safety tremendously. Along with the magnetic self-latch, get a gate you can lock with a key. Prevent your children from successfully climbing the gate. This is possible with a gate that does not have a top cross-bar. The cross-bar enables children – both younger and older – to get over the fence because it provides a rigid hand hold. This is not a removable pool fence, but a fence with a lock.

Mesh Pool Fence

Are you aware that your pet can tire just as easily as your children? Knowing this, you can increase the level of safety for your dog by installing a mesh pet fence that makes it impossible for it to get into the pool area. When the dog is not in or near the pool, an accident is much less likely. Unlike a removable pool fence, this mesh fence keeps the dog out.

Retractable Fence For Dogs

Mesh Pet Gates For Dog Pool Safety

Pool safety for parents and pet owners is a must. You may not be aware, but just like a human, dogs can tire and drown if they fall into a pool. Animals are often thought to be self sufficient when it comes to water safety. Nothing could be further from the truth – while domestic pets may have four legs, they lack the ability to climb ladders well. Small breed dogs may not be able to push their front legs to the edge of the pool in order to escape.

A mesh pet barrier can be used to keep your furry friends out of harm’s way. These barriers can also be used to keep your pets away from the pool during a get-together or if small children are near, reducing the risk of a dog knocking a child into the pool or patio. Some fences or barriers are only a few feet high, while others can reach more than six feet in height. 

When you are ready to invest in a mesh pet barrier, keep in mind your pet’s size along with their jumping ability. Even if a dog is a small breed they may be able to jump higher than you think! 


Mesh Pet Barrier



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Fencing for dogs

To protect your dog or your yard sometimes requires keeping your pet fenced. But what if you only want to use the fence occasionally? Using removable or temporary fencing is an excellent option. Temporary fencing for dogs is an excellent way to keep your pet where you want them to be. 

Finding something attractive that matches your backyard design and doesn’t look hideous can be a challenge. It’s also important to find a strong fence that is difficult to claw through.

This is why we designed our black polyester mesh PET MESH FENCE. We spent almost five years developing this system we call our pet mesh. The holes in this mesh are very small and your pets claws are too large to fit into the mesh material. If your pet can’t get his claws into the mesh to try and shred it, it becomes very difficult for them to damage it. This mesh is very tough but also see-through and attractive.

Our pet mesh fencing is easy for a homeowner to install and just as simple to remove when you need.  Please contact us for more information or call us at 855-766-7665.

Fencing For Dogs


 See how to create a doggie paddling pool at home


Mesh Fences for Dogs

Much like children, dogs and other pets have a knack for getting into areas you’d rather they stay out of. All too often these escapades into forbidden territory result in damaged property, landscaping, or, in the worst cases, injury to pets themselves. A strong, reliable pet fence is priceless when it comes to preventing accidents and heartache.

Most fencing designed to impede young children proves an ineffective barrier for a determined pet. Dogs in particular tend to have an unlimited supply of enthusiasm, which they’ll happily direct towards fence-annihilation for hours on end. Add to that the strength and agility of even the smallest, mellowest dog and it’s easy to see that a pet fence requires different standards than a childproof fence.

A pet fence must be able to withstand the worst of canine assaults:

  • Repeated jumping or pushing against the fence.
  • Chewing and/or clawing and digging at the fence.
  • Jumping or climbing over the fence.


While safety for your pet is priority number one, other fencing considerations are also important; portability if the fence will be moved often, and appearance — a pet fence doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

The mesh fence for dogs offers a solution for all the above concerns:

  • Strong poles and latches won’t bend or break.
  • strong, fine-woven mesh material provides no purchase for teeth or claws.
  • No gaps or protrusions for agile feet to climb.
  • Available in a variety of heights to deter even the best jumpers.
  • Sleek, attractive design with see-through mesh.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble, move or store.
  • Durable against weather extremes and suitable for all climates.


It’s important a mesh fence to be high enough that dogs can’t chew on the upper edge. Likewise, as with any fence, the lower border should be close to the ground along its entire length — most dogs will readily take advantage of any gaps to squeeze through or as an invitation to begin digging.

Mesh pet fencing is the ideal temporary fence — versatile and lightweight, its length, location or arrangement can be adjusted with ease, and the fence can be rolled or folded for convenient storage. Cleaning is a breeze with a garden hose. High-quality materials ensure your mesh pet fence will provide years of service protecting your property and your pets. 


If you are interested in high quality met fences for pets, contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE


mesh fencing for dogs